I’m delivering the whole spectrum of what a off-season strength and conditioning experience should be. You know I was a D1 Strength Coach, 2 Sport college athlete (football & track), and coached multiple state and regional champions.

Athletes 13+ should apply. This is not a get in shape camp. This is for athletes looking to peak their abilities.

How It Works: Please Read Fully

  1. Athletes will have 3 workouts each week available to attend.
    1. 1st Workout: Football, Long/Triple Jump, or Basketball (Only 6 Athletes In Each Group)
    2. 2nd & 3rd Workout: Speed & Agility and All Groups Workout
  2. If you are only attending Long/Triple Jump Training, CMS students will be free. (due to CMS usage rules). If you attend any other part of the program, the full amount will be due.
  3. Workouts will start June 4th at 9:00 AM through July 2nd at Mallard Creek Community Park
  4. Do Not Show Up Without Registering & Paying First


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