It's time to transition from the hunted to the hunter, and a proper strength & conditioning program is the answer. Increasing power, strength, speed, and agility are my specialty and I have been doing this at a high level for years. I'm looking for a place to call home and make some magic happen.

  • Cost: Off Season - $103.30/month, In Season - $51.65/month
  • Where: CSD Weight Room
  • When:

In Season - Saturday 6:30 - 7 AM

Off - Season Mon., Wed., Fri. 6:30 - 7:30 AM

  • Time: Off Season - Before School (1.15 hours workout), In Season - Lunch Period
  • Open to all Students with priority given to athletes eligible & registered.

I'm a certified NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning coach (same cert you need at the college and pro sports level), a former Div.1 strength coach with school record-setting teams reaching the D1 National Championship match.

The benefits of hiring me as strength & conditioning coach provides:
1. Safety of athletes against preventable injuries
2. Progressive sports program putting athletes development at the forefront.
3. School spirit is always higher when you have a shot at more championships and your best players are healthy and available.
4. A developmental plan from middle school to graduation that transfers to post prep school activities.
5. I teach positivity and self-confidence as a part of my programs which garners trust between coach and athlete.

My secret is simple, master the basics and build everything off that solid foundation. There's a why behind everything I do and athletes will learn how training is making them better. The investment into this program can literally prevent injuries over a lifetime. I teach Olympic Lifting, Speed/Agility Technique, Injury Prevention, Winning Mentality.

Let me be your athlete first Strength & Conditioning coach.