Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness was Founded and conceptualized by Richard Buford and inspired by the quality of personal development proper training can provide.

Conceptualized as a final business plan project for a business management degree and established in 2001 as an AAU track team, Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness was born.

Today we stand behind our statement: "We educate active individuals to physically strengthen their foundation and health!"

What We Provide:

Foundational Strength Training

The training industry has gotten so out of control that basic exercise has become the hardest to do. Restore the strength in your abdominals, glutes, shoulders, and back. Correcting your posture, form, and breathing will relieve most of the pain you feel in your joints and muscles.

In this program, a plank isn't just a plank, a squat isn't just a squat. Your mind will be blown by the way 5 minutes of teaching will make you exponentially stronger, flexible, balanced, powerful, and confident.

As a test, Do a plank as long as you can and see if you can hold it for a third of that time the Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness way. You'll feel and see the difference.

Sports Performance

There's only a handful of coaches who offer personal training that has the same certifications (CSCS), experience (15+ years) building championship programs in the country. Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness is one of them. In addition to training, I’ve been through the recruiting process, played 2 college sports and won individual and team titles in both football and track.

Working professionally as a collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach and establishing Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness full time has allowed me to guide athletes in the right direction.

Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness is for athletes 10 and up looking to make history when the opportunity presents itself. It takes preparation, commitment, mental toughness, and execution to make history and this is the foundation of an Adrenaline Rush Sports & Fitness training program.

Here’s a 4-year snapshot of highlights at the Division 1 level:

  • 1st team at UNCC (M. Soccer) to earn a National Championship match bid.
  • All 3 teams (M. Soccer, W. Basketball, and Baseball) recorded most wins as a Strength & Conditioning coach.
  • Regular Season Championships: 5
  • Conference Tournament Championships: 3
  • National Championship Appearances: 1
  • Final Top 25 NCAA Div.1: 4

At the highest level of competition, my athletes and teams are never overmatched. Just think of how much more prepared you will be before college. One Shot To Make History!

Local Group/Personal Training

Sometimes it takes a personal touch, and personal training may be what the doctor ordered. Along with executive service received, a charted progress report will be kept on-sight. Training is available in 45 min. segments.

Future Programming ranging from personal online training, athletic/sports development, adult strength, and nutrition is in the works. Increasing membership will help the development of these projects.

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